Dr. Fawzi Abou Reslan: The region is heading towards history

The region is heading towards history
17 أيار 2019

Dr. Fawzi Abou Reslan

The region will end with three empires, where the broken Arabs become a part of this, and that without unity and without identity. The Persian empire, The ottoman empire and the Israeli empire. What we notice now is the introduction to the future. Iran doesn't want the war, but they have the patience to the edge negotiation to win as much and give as much as little. The Americans do not want the war as Iran is a tough country to fight or interland occupation but have short breat and will try to solve the stand off now by back door negotiation which already started through trusted brokers. Turkey and its Islamic brothers system are trying to get into the game through buying s400 ground to air missiles from Russia to push USA to keep their share in the Arab regional countries, when they strike a deal between the US and Iran. Israel is watching and enjoying what they see as their good relations with Iran protects their borders from Syria and Lebanon. They can deal with the turks due the brotherly connection with Erdogan and are growing their relation with Ksa and UAE to less extent with Qatar and Oman and Bahrain in between. In summary we are in no way with a bright future nor on good terms with each other but will belong to different future empires.

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