Hotel industry has a long and winding road to recovery

Interview with Chadi Gedeon (General Manager at Movenpick Hotel -Beirut)
05 آب 2021

1- How much in your work, a satisfied guest is a manager’s personal partner in success and how much you express a need to continuously implement a working best-practices program?
Hotels face rapidly changing guest behaviors, preferences, and expectations. At Movenpick Hotel Beirut, Guest satisfaction is our top priority, therefore our employees are trained to deliver a memorable experience through unique amenities, personal touches, and stellar customer service. We keep the post communication with our guests thru a detailed survey to know how we can always improve our services. We are proactive to ensure that the quality of our service is more than satisfying to our guests.

2- Do you believe in the power of a motivated workforce? Is it true that when you align your talent with the purpose and efforts of others you can achieve amazing things together? How much do you empower your people to perform at the highest level?
A potent team believes in its own power and effectiveness. When employees are empowered to make decisions that help the customer, they are contributing to the strategy and business objectives of the organization and therefore we are preventing the result of having a negative feedback on social media or an unsatisfied guest. I believe that empowering employees will make them do their jobs in the most effective way.

3- What are the top five challenges to conquer in the Hotel Industry in 2020-2021?
In general, hotel industry has a long and winding road to recovery from 2020 and mostly customers will prefer closer destinations especially during Covid pandemic. 

We need to work very hard on gaining the guests confidence about their safety and work on the post-pandemic strategies. 

In Lebanon we are also facing the economic crisis and the money deficiency, which is a main factor in hotel business revenue, nether less we are going thru a very difficult and unstable political status which is causing insecurities and instabilities, not to forget the challenge to retain and find talented employees and to overpass the pandemic.

4- The world constantly occurs in the process of mastering new concepts of hotel business mainly hotel chains which led to significant updates in hotel base, form of service, introduction of modern technology. How much the membership in an international hotel chain boosts its local affiliate on a touristic and economic level? Pros and cons of full membership to international hotel chains? 
Movenpick Hotel Beirut is part of Accor. Accor Plus is the most expansive travel, dining, and lifestyle program in the Asia Pacific, which enables you to do more, in more incredible ways imaginable.
Enjoy exclusive member benefits and experiences at over 800 hotels, resorts, and apartments across 18 countries. By booking directly You earn points each time you stay at a participating Accor hotel and redeem them for meals or drinks even if you are not staying at the hotel. Also, many benefits for our loyal members per example our loyalty membership gives access to a range of exclusive benefits the second you join the program. Status upgrades are awarded according to the number of nights spent or the number of points earned, opening the door to even more services and VIP treatment.

5- Your venues, restaurants: strategies of updating, upgrading, how much an F& B sector in a hotel member of an international hotel chain differs from a similar sector in an ordinary hotel?
Service consistency is an expectation of all customers at all times; they want peace of mind and no unpleasant surprises. We offer the components of excellent service quality starting with proper training to all employees, the empowerment to employees to allow them to handle unforeseen situations and challenges. Hence, measuring and tracking customer results are ways to provide feedback to the service delivery chain and to increase the value of each customer relationship. Applying brand standards in all of our services so our guests will have the same perfect experience each time they visit us.

6- In exceptional times, what are the demands, requests you attend to address to the central government?
We hope for support from the relevant ministries. The tourism sector is one of the most important pillars. Approving the tourist dollar as a first step is without any doubts a boost. Stability and security of the country are essential for  tourism.   

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